The extremely high maintenance induction cook top

I’ve spent the last twelve years living with a 1950s vintage stove. It’s the size of a small car, weighs about the same and has extremely basic functions. Turn a knob on and a flame lights, turn it off and the flame goes out. Very easy to operate and no bells or whistles.

Suddenly I find myself in the world of high technology. An induction cooktop. I’m not actually sure what that means but it seems to be very high maintenance. It’s digital; it has to determine whether it’s willing to turn on depending on whether your cookware meets its criteria and if not, it simply doesn’t bother. 

It’s a cooktop with an attitude as far as I can tell. This morning it rejected my stovetop espresso maker simply on the grounds that it was cheap. It refuses to tolerate glass, aluminum or anything nonstick. Only the best stainless steel for this baby. No stainless, no heat, no cooking.

It appears I’ll have to invest in some good quality pans or I’ll be eating out for the foreseeable future. Damn induction cooking, this could get expensive!

Continuing on with the same theme, it would appear the fridge has the same attitude going on. I’ve been living in a bubble of extremely dated appliances as my idea of a fridge is to plug it in and it goes. So here we go again, an uber cool, retro-look digital fridge. I turned it on, pushed a few random buttons and assumed all was well. 

Apparently not, as the next morning I discovered a solid bottle of wine, a brick of hummus and a sub zero temperature. I went for a walk to let things thaw including my frustration and upon my return, discovered the instructions. It took a couple of attempts but I think I’m in business now. The wine is at least liquid again which may be a necessity as the day goes on! 

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