Picnic in the Park

A sudden burst of spring and London came alive. People lined the outdoor cafes along Regent’s Park Road and flowed from the pub on to the pavement as the football reached fever pitch inside. The weather was glorious and so I strolled from my flat along Regent’s Park Road to meet the writer for a picnic in Primrose Hill park.

Having lived in Los Angeles for many years it’s hard to explain how unvarying the weather actually is without sounding incredibly ungrateful. The thing is when it’s sunny everyday it’s easy to take it for granted and only now, being in London, do I truly appreciate the variety. I’m obsessively taking photos of the sky, the clouds and the changes in the weather and I’m loving every mood and subtle nuance.

The writer and I popped into Shepherd Foods and bought picnic supplies including a couple of bottles of cider and made our way to the incline of Primrose Hill. The park was a buzz of activity with families, couples, dogs and everything in between lounging, playing and generally making the most of a gorgeous sunny afternoon.

We sat and talked, exchanging life stories and experiences until the last of the afternoon sun disappeared behind the hill and we admitted it wasn’t perhaps quite as warm as it had been and went off in search of warm drinks.

It had been a hint of what’s to come as spring and summer start to emerge in London.

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