Mmm, Cheese

After several years of living on lentils (the years of poverty and misery as I affectionately think of them), I thought I would be able to maintain the same diet in London. I hadn’t reckoned on discovering cheese again. 
It was easy to be so regimented in LA as the food, in my humble opinion, is particularly bland. The bread is sweet and, at the risk of alienating the whole of California, it’s impossible to find anything with flavour.
Arriving in London, I discovered (in my local organic village shop), organic crusty brown bread, oozing Camembert, mild Cheddar, tangy Red Leicester, and butter. Oh my God, I’d forgotten about butter. The salty deliciousness as I sank my teeth into yet another slice of freshly baked bread from my local shop. This is going to be trouble.
It’s just as well I’ve started running because otherwise I’d be doomed. Coupled with the fact that through an involved process of elimination I’ve discovered some incredibly delicious croissants nearby, I am employing the tactic of why French women apparently don’t get fat. One croissant is fine as long as I spend the rest of the day walking and have already been for a run through Regent’s Park. 
My morning routine at the moment is to wake up at 6am as the birds have decided that the dawn chorus doesn’t need to involve dawn and so the infernal singing begins at 4:30am. Don’t get me wrong, I love birds, I’m very excited about spring and to hear geese honking past my window on their way to the duck pond in Regent’s Park is a lovely experience but surely this should all be enjoyed in daylight? A minor detail it would seem.
By then I’m wide awake and I may as well get some exercise and so off I trot, past Primrose Hill to Regent’s Park and then back past the cafe with the delicious croissants. And then really, there’s only so much discipline one can have…
I had a revelation this morning. Apparently I’ve embarked on my version of “Eat, Pray, Love.” I’m experiencing life in a new city and a new phase of life. For the moment I’m just doing the “Eat” part and most of that is cheese. I’m not sure I’ll do the “Pray” bit, might just skip to “Love” depending on how things turn out. I am starting to wonder if I can write it all down and flog it to Oprah.
And so back to the cheese. I’ve spent several years living on lentils and I’m seriously making up for lost time.
Now where’s the butter?

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