Hello Internet!

It’s been a busy week so far but the absolute best news ever (which shows how addicted I am) is that I’m finally back online and now have wifi in my flat. Who needs furniture? Hurray for the internet, I’ve seriously missed you! I’m now available for Skype, I’m catching up on celebrity gossip, can go shopping and do all the other time-wasting internet rubbish I tend to do. I may even end up turning it off as I’ve been enjoying reading library books!

Since my last update I’ve been to a fabulous dinner party in the enormous mansion in Notting Hill where I met lots of Canadian ex-pats. I obsessively ironed two enormous tablecloths (just because I felt I had to and the enormous antique table deserved it), drank far too much champagne because there was good stuff available, and just managed to catch the last tube home. The next day, a little worse for wear, four of us trotted off to Dulwich College (south of the river) to a mid-century modern furniture fair.

Dulwich College

People were feeling slightly under the weather so it wasn’t quite the delightful Sunday outing we’d hoped for but still, my sister ended up with a fantastic bird and, as I’ve lived for many years with mid-century modern furniture and am ready for a change, I managed not to spend any money, I was very pleased with myself.

The much desired and finally purchased blackbird

Monday saw me venturing off to another new experience. The girl who owns my flat runs a monthly group for comic designers so I headed to Brick Lane to see a side of the design world which is new to me. It’s quite a subculture as people are designing 200 page graphic novels (the preferred term for comics) and in one particular case, the whole thing is going to be etched. A labour of love if ever I heard one. The evening introduced me to Sarah who runs the group (www.laydeezdocomics.com) and the London Print Studio (www.londonprintstudio.org.uk) As I was originally a printmaker I’m interested to find out more about the LPS and might go along on Thursday evening to an exhibition which is opening that night.

On Friday afternoon I’m off to see the Turner exhibition at the National Gallery with the writer. Continuing my obsession with the variety of skies I see from the roof terrace, the exhibition is very appealing and I’m really looking forward to it so more details to follow after Friday I’m sure.

Bunking off on Friday afternoon…

There’s so much to do in London and it seems I have plans for several weeks to come which isn’t bad considering I only know about five people. This afternoon though I’m going to walk across Regent’s Park to my favourite shop in the world, Agnes B where, if I play my cards right, I might even get some part time work, my idea of absolute bliss as it would involve a staff discount. Heaven!

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