Eat, Eat, Eat

The weekend started on Friday. I honestly sent an email to a man in China called Mr. Bendy Wang and after that, I couldn’t take anything seriously so I bunked off and went to the National Gallery to meet the writer and see the Turner exhibition. It was a small exhibition, an interesting comparison between Turner and Claude Lorrain (17th Century French landscape painter) mostly oils but also some really lovely watercolors. I was quite taken with a couple of them, one of Venice (not Beach) in particular and I suspect an Italian city break might be in the not-too-distant future as my tour of the Venices continues.

After the exhibition we had a quick look at St Martin’s Lane, the Philippe Stark/Ian Schrager hotel ( I’m familiar with the hotels having stayed at the Hudson and the Royallton in New York. They’re all very designy and cool, a little bit “Through the Looking Glass,” so definitely worth a look but quite pricey to stay there.
Tres Chic
I was feeling quite peckish (quel surprise) and by chance, we found a small Italian restaurant (world famous for their pizza apparently) just down the road from Covent Garden. Another lovely day in London meant we could sit outside and being Friday, it just seemed like a good idea to order a bottle of Prosecco. Oh, why not?!

Lunch lingered on decadently for a few hours. Afterwards we went for a wander around Soho popping into a few vintage shops and then somehow ending up in another Schrager hotel, the Sanderson. 

Entrance to the Sanderson
It seemed like a good idea to have a glass of champagne sitting in the courtyard garden as it became more and more the place to be seen. 

Photos from the website, I was trying to be cool
Afternoon became evening and eight hours of conversation later, we headed over to meet my sister at The Fitzrovia on Goodge St and there we parted ways. Another lovely day and the writer’s self-imposed makeover is going well!

On Saturday I hosted my first gathering at my new flat. Not quite a house-warming but as some of my extended family live on the other side of London (East Croydon to be precise) I invited them over for lunch and a walk up Primrose Hill. Lunch was a delicious array (if I say so myself) of salads, cheeses, dips and of course, a warm, crusty loaf of freshly-baked bread. Add a nice cold glass of French white wine and it was all very civilized.

After lunch we did the now familiar walk along Regent’s Park Road and up to the top of Primrose Hill before buying a selection of delicious pastries and having afternoon tea back at my bright, sunny flat. They were very impressed with the view!

It would appear that I have spent the past few days munching my way around London (so much for pray and love, it’s eat, eat, eat, baby!) and so tomorrow morning I’m off for a run… before I go out for lunch!

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