April Showers

The illusion of Spring which was March has made way for traditional April showers.

From what I can tell, the difference between a shower and rain is the element of surprise. One looks out of the window, all looks good, a few puffy light clouds and, as it turns out, a false sense of security. Off to work walking briskly then halfway across Regent’s Park when it’s too late to turn back and too far to make a run for it, there’s suddenly a heavy shower and everything is immediately drenched. It’s such a tease!

I don’t mind the rain at all, in fact I loved rainy days in LA (all two of them) but the pathetic excuse for an umbrella which I’ve been using has blown inside out more times than I can count and it’s time to get serious about this.

I headed to John Lewis. I’m a massive fan of the John Lewis brand and the department store on Oxford Street is even worth dealing with the crowds, well, almost.

I found the umbrella department and while they didn’t have the polka dot pattern I’d hoped for, I did find one in miniature houndstooth. It’s a proper umbrella with a handle and a spike. A walking umbrella. It’s lightweight… for ladies, and it has a whopping 94cm diameter of dryness!

I hopped off the bus and, as if they’d been waiting for me, the heavens opened. My brand new automatic ladies walking umbrella popped open faster than you can say 94cm diameter of dryness and I was practically skipping in what suddenly became a torrential downpour. I was blissfully dry (except for my knees) and I felt horribly smug underneath. 

I will have to be careful not to take someone’s eye out or turn into a grumpy old lady poking small children with it on the bus but otherwise it was possibly the best £20 I’ve spent.
Bring on the rain!

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