Dating Adventures Part One

Thursday saw me taking the plunge and going on my first Internet date. I’d had an inkling that it wasn’t going to go well as the man in question mentioned his ex-girlfriend in the first two minutes of conversation. Do I really need to know about Karen the Australian? I don’t think so. Far too much information.

It really was a disaster from the start and hard to put a positive spin on it so I’m chalking it up to experience as a reminder that I must remember to trust my instincts.

I maintain that physical attraction has to be immediate, it’s not something for me which will come in time, it’s either there or it’s not and in this case it wasn’t. If I had to choose a celebrity lookalike, I would say Cliff Richard in his later years which is obviously appealing to certain ladies of a certain generation, sadly not to me.

It wouldn’t be fair to go into details mainly because I’d have to relive them in order to write them down. It would be fair to say that we had absolutely nothing in common. I don’t particularly like Michael Jackson, I don’t watch Strictly Come Dancing and I do actually know where Marbella is but thanks for checking anyway.

I’m fairly sure the feeling was mutual as, after an hour it seemed time was up and the gentleman in question said he had to make a move as he had a job interview the following day. As it was 7:15pm and there was no danger of being late, I suspect he was trying to get away from me, hard to believe I know.

We walked to the tube (surprisingly, a little uncomfortably) and said a polite goodbye without any promises of future contact. At least no one said “I’ll call you.”

So the plunge was taken, the ice was broken and I can only hope that it’s onward and upward from here.


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