Dating Adventures Part Two

Other than my first internet date the other week, my recent dating history consists of going on a blind date in 2002 which turned into a long term relationship so it’s fair to say I’m a little rusty. I thought it might be a good idea to go on a practice date. Big mistake!

Things started off well, a nice location for brunch and an easy conversation. A funny guy, a successful writer whom I’d met last weekend at the Primrose Hill housewarming. We’d got on well and it seemed like a good idea to meet up.

Brunch was delicious (smoked salmon and poached eggs, one of my favourite combinations) and afterwards we went for a wander through Camden Market. As the crowds became increasingly congested, we ducked down and walked along Regent’s Canal in the rain (luckily I had my ladies umbrella!) We popped up at the end of Gloucester Avenue and headed to the Lansdowne (, a pub filled with families having lunch, lots of noise and lots of small children. Babies with spoons like to bang them on wooden tables and so with the relentless background noise, I was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation and was starting to get a slight headache.

Not long after sitting down, things went horribly wrong. I can’t even bear to write the details except it involved a full cup of boiling hot mint tea landing on my left thigh. I was drenched but luckily I was able to lift the searing corduroy off my leg and avoid a third degree burn. 

Things went horribly wrong!

It was an unfortunate accident but admittedly things went rapidly downhill after that and so, after an awkward farewell, I squelched my way home in wet, minty, corduroy trousers.

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