Oh my aching feet

And so, after a great deal of work, Agnes b Marylebone reopened yesterday. The shop looked fabulous and it seemed as if the whole of Marylebone turned out to enjoy champagne, afternoon tea and a 20% discount.

The shop is spread over three floors. From women’s wear on the top to the stock room in the basement there are about fifty stairs. I think I may have run up and down at least five thousand steps yesterday which is, of course, great news for my figure (no danger of gaining weight while this lasts) but is seriously hard work and exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover it.

My day started at noon, the last customers left around 8:30pm, barely able to stand we started on the champagne and I finally made it home around midnight. A celebration indeed as the shop made over £16,000 and everyone was delighted so well done Aggie b but after quite a few glasses of bubbles and a couple of colleagues falling by the wayside, it was definitely time to head home.

A twelve hour day in retail is a hard day indeed. I’m used to long hours in design but that involves a lot of sitting and is a very different thing. I’m looking forward to a day off, lunch with a friend and even perhaps, a day of not wearing anything Agnes b…

Is the love affair finally over?

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