Ooh, la la. It’s Louboutin!

It’s been a glorious week in London. Sunny and hot and it seems spring or perhaps even summer has finally arrived. 

And so, wearing my favourite Agnes b dress (perhaps it’s still love after all as I’m terribly faithful) Thursday morning saw me heading off to see the Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum.

Display at the Design Musem 
I’m not one of those women who has a lot of shoes (Imelda) but I do confess to having the right shoes.

I’ve never bought a pair of Louboutins because they don’t seem to fit me properly. I do have a pair of Manolo Blahniks but really I’m a Prada girl and I have several pairs which are currently resting in LA and a few trusty pairs of boots here in London. Louboutin, with his signature red soles, are some of the best however and while they’re not for me, I can still appreciate.


Louboutin is a sculptor, an artist and while I either couldn’t or wouldn’t wear the majority of the shoes, his creations are fabulous.

I was particularly taken with his Fetish collection (not to wear of course, I’m a Yorkshire woman after all!) Kinky doesn’t even begin to describe it as these shoes are definitely not made for walking…

Good luck walking in these… hopping perhaps? 
Too much information!
Which occasion? Not entirely sure.
Enough said.

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