Va va voom… or not!

Today I bought a new dress.

I know, I know, I’m weak but I’d had it on hold for a month and it’s summer, and it’s red! Va va voom!

When I tried it on, it fitted perfectly and despite hardly ever wearing red, there was something about it which just worked.

It’s a dress I’ve had before as Agnes tends to recycle shapes in different fabrics so I own the same dress in grey flannel, navy polka dots and a fantastic black and white square pattern from 2009 which is familiar to many. Obsessed? Just a little. So of course, this summer’s Vitti dress had my name all over it.

The problem is I seem to have lost a bit of weight. I’ve been running in Regent’s Park, running up and down thousands of stairs and walking to work. It wouldn’t normally be a concern, in fact I’d be pleased but when I tried the size 38 on a month later, there wasn’t much va va voom at all, just a saggy, baggy red dress. Very unsexy and not exactly the look I’m going for.

So I squeezed myself into the 36. At first glance it fitted like a glove. Va va voom again! I paid for it and skipped home through the park. Actually I staggered home as it’s been a hell of a few days and I could barely walk but that’s another story.

I ate dinner and tried my lovely new dress on… only to discover that eating dinner had put me over the edge and the dress suddenly felt too tight. I tend to think that eating is a somewhat essential activity along with breathing and sitting so now I have a dilemma. Keep the size 36 and never eat again, or… be slightly more realistic.

I think I’m going to have to return the size 36, get the 38 (which is the last one in the entire company and in the universe) and have it tailored. What a massive inconvenience but I’m a pathetic slave to style and I know it has to be right.

And so hopefully it will be a case of va va voom and then, watch out!

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