Oh my Achilles tendon

Ouch! It appears I’m not cut out for this retail malarkey as too many stairs combined with long hours standing and, if I’m honest, perhaps a little too much running (I blame the Nike GPS iphone app which challenges me to run faster) has resulted in a strained Achilles tendon and it’s not the most fun I’ve ever had.

Luckily I’ve had a couple of days to rest it and have had my foot sitting in the washing up bowl with ice and water and yes, I’d much rather be in Monaco (who wouldn’t?) but I’m sure this is practically the same thing!

Swimming in the Med…

I limped over to Islington today to a dismal trade show for the UK greeting card industry. It made me think of the it’s a gem greeting cards I did in 2001, now highly sought after collector’s items which, compared to what I saw today, might be worth resurrecting although I may have learned my lesson there.

While in Islington I popped into the shop of a friend (Bags of Moss) for a chat and a quick catch up and then I limped off pathetically to farewell drinks at Agnes b wearing an orthopedic support sock with ballet flats, just one sock, mind you, to complete the look.

The rest of the week (tendon-permitting) I’ll be back in the trenches before heading off to Exeter on Saturday to celebrate 60 fabulous years of the Queen and 40 fabulous years of Andy! Hurray!

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