A Very Devon Weekend

After a lovely day at the beach, the bank holiday Monday was spent closer to home. After a relaxed start to the day including coffee in bed, we headed off to the Great Western Canal in Tiverton for a walk and a bike ride for the kids.

Great Western Canal, Tiverton

We’d managed to avoid Jubilee street parties so far but arriving in the car park, it was God Save the Queen blasting at full volume from speakers, bunting, flag waving and crowds. We’d accidentally crashed a street party.

Traditional horse-drawn barge
The horse
We headed out of the crowds and walked for a few miles along the canal enjoying the scenery. Devon is certainly at its best at this time of year and after a long walk, we headed off for a traditional cream tea. Scones, jam, clotted cream and a pot of tea. Perfect.

After tea we meandered back to Exeter taking the scenic route. Devonshire roads would challenge even the best driver as hedgerows flank the single lane road making visibility almost impossible.

Single file only
Oncoming traffic often results in one party having to reverse back up the road to an almost imperceptible widening where wing mirrors squeeze gingerly past each other, everyone holds their breath and then everyone gives a cheery wave and drives on.

A green and pleasant weekend

The views were incredible and it really was a case of this green and pleasant land. Another fantastic day out in Devon and we finally succumbed to Jubilee spirit as we ended the day watching the Jubilee concert on the TV.

Spectacular Devon

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