Lime & Tonic

Thursday night saw me joining the exciting launch of Lime & Tonic, a new online social network which aims to get people offline to enjoy experiences and adventures. Right up my alley. As much as I’m an avid blogger and love technology, there’s nothing like getting together with random strangers to share a seven course tasting menu at a renowned Thai restaurant!

Blurry picture taken by waiter

Nahm is the first Michelin starred Thai restaurant in Europe and we were lucky enough to have a cooking demonstration by Aussie chef, David Thompson. Having worked in one of Melbourne’s top restaurants when I was a student, I had a chat to David and it turned out we knew several people in common. Small world.

Cooking demo
Cooking demo complete

David created a fabulous green papaya salad which was followed by champagne and canapés and then seven courses paired with a delicious selection of wines. The food was excellent and included a grilled prawn and banana blossom salad with chili jam and steamed turbot with ginger, yellow beans, pickled plums and coriander. The wine was superb and the highlight for me was the Heggies Botrytis Reisling from Eden Valley, Australia. It was the perfect dessert wine, sweet and cold. Paired with fresh lychees, it was a fantastic end to an interesting evening. 

And now I’m off to Nice…

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