The lady with 82 hats

This week I had an inspirational conversation with a lady with 82 hats. It started when I heard her say that her dentist had recently died and it was terribly inconvenient for everyone but he’d had fabulous teeth so that was good. It made me laugh and we’d started to chat.

We talked for a while about a variety of topics including the shocking news that the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill had burnt down (how lucky I went when I did A Weekend in Notting Hill). We exchanged ideas, talked about life and style and design and I was left with a feeling that she had truly lived her life. At 79 she was going for it and I was inspired.

I don’t think I’ve spent my life sitting on the fence so far and I’m not about to start now but it’s great to get a reminder from time to time, to put things in perspective. Life is definitely for living.

I hope I see the lady with 82 hats again but if I don’t… 
thank you!

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