Come on England!

The football reached fever pitch as, after ninety minutes the score was nil all. England versus Italy in the Euro 2012 quarter final. The atmosphere at the Red Lion in Islington was tense, electric and loud. 

Starting to get tense…
There’s nothing like being in a pub in London to watch a pivotal game and last night’s nail biter was no exception.

With half an hour of extra time added and then down to a tie break, the crowd was cheering, groaning, shouting, swearing and ultimately quiet as England was defeated in the final moments, losing on penalties. It was a gripping match, tense to the last seconds and as I sat, part of a group who had long since stopped talking and were focused intently on the television screen, it struck me that patriotism doesn’t get much better. 

Not talking any more
The final whistle and the crowds poured silently on to the street. I didn’t linger to commiserate but jumped on the tube to beat the crowd. My phone buzzed repeatedly as texts from jubilant French colleagues came in and I headed home.

Not the result we wanted but an excellent game nonetheless.

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