Bargain hunting

It’s the summer sales and the normally benign village-like Marylebone High Street has been invaded by sales stalkers. 

Gone are the lovely chatty Agnes b devotees who are willing, in fact, prefer to pay full price because they love the clothes and know they will last forever. Replacing them are the bargain-hungry, salivating sales stalkers who are incredibly rude and who might just be the nail in my coffin.

Answering the phone has become my worst nightmare as the rudeness has reached new levels of inconsideration. I am usually incredibly friendly and chatty (yes LA friends, you wouldn’t recognise me now) but my new, unimproved sales attitude is “Pay and get out” (so perhaps you would recognise me after all!).

As one customer disgruntedly announced that John Lewis stayed open till 8pm (as we kicked her out at 6pm) my somewhat direct response was ‘We’re not fucking John Lewis.” (Sorry Mum).

Luckily no one heard but I suspect my days are numbered!

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