In anticipation…

It’s Thursday morning, far too early and I’m awake in anticipation of tomorrow. Hurry up Friday because Letad’s coming to London for the weekend!

It’s been eleven incredibly long days (yes, I’m counting) since we last saw each other and we’ve seriously spent about a hundred hours on Skype in that time but it’s not like being together in person. We both feel there’s no point being apart and are talking about how this is going to work for our future.

Weekend plans are vague. In fact I haven’t thought beyond meeting at Stansted airport but I think sharing memories would be a good theme as Letad is from London and has very special memories of the areas I’m getting to know. I think there might be a walk to the top of Primrose Hill required (and every May 5th from now on to celebrate our first kiss) and other than that, no planning necessary.

I suspect there are changes on the horizon. Neither of us are happy about the distance and life is too short. In fact, when I left LA it was with the attitude that life is too short not to be doing exactly what we want to be doing (see previous post The beginning and the end) and another leap of faith will soon be taken.

It is a leap year after all!

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