Oh my sole

I’m a big fan of sole – dover and lemon in particular. I order it whenever I see it but I’ve never tried cooking it. Well, after a foray to Morrisons yesterday evening where I found a lovely piece of Cornish lemon sole for £2 (living the dream) I thought I’d have a crack at it.

I decided to pan fry it in butter and so, following the rule of skin side down, off we went. A few minutes later, I turned it over… sans skin as skin had stuck to pan. Actually it was quite handy as it saved me dealing with the skin later so
was almost intentional. A few minutes more and the sole
was done.

The tricky thing with sole is avoiding an unpleasant mouthful of bones. Carefully flaking the tender white flesh from the inner skeleton, I tasted it and, having added capers, lemon juice and black pepper, it was delicious. I lifted out the spine and was left with about a spoonful of fish. Delicious indeed but not terribly substantial. Two minutes later, it was gone.

An interesting experiment but to be honest, I think I prefer ordering it in restaurants.

And so to the weekend…!

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