The Shoe Analogy

I do manage to come up with a lot of crap, or as I prefer, pearls of wisdom.

So I have a shoe analogy. For several years I’ve had a theory that shoes are like men…

Some people find the perfect pair of shoes immediately. Take my sister for example, twenty years ago she met my brother-in-law, one of my favourite people. He’s like a comfortable pair of slippers, my sister is more like a pair of stilettos but somehow they compliment each other perfectly and it works. 

For others, it takes several pairs of shoes before finding the perfect fit. Not surprisingly, I fall into the latter category.

Clearly the hippy Jesus sandals were never going to fit and I really don’t know what I was thinking!

I tried on some running shoes for a while but they were all about the brand and didn’t really agree with me.

Then I tried on the Manolo Blahniks for size and while they were beautiful, they were all looks, no substance and gave me blisters. Ouch!

And so I’ve finally found my Pradas. They look fabulous but they’re very comfortable, they fit me perfectly and they were definitely worth the wait!

It’s a Cinderella moment. How lucky is that?

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