Postcards from France… Day Three

Monday and with a glorious blue sky and a perfect temperature, we drove around the coast to Cap d’Ail. I’ve always wanted to drive along the coast of the French Riviera so for me, it was a dream come true.

We headed to a small cove for lunch at a beachside restaurant followed by swimming from the pebbly beach. The water was cool and refreshing and we spent a couple of hours relaxing whilst discussing how many pairs of fake tits we could see (quite a few!)

Cap d’Ail
Letad obliging emerged from the water in a Daniel Craig moment and the afternoon was perfect.

Better than Daniel Craig

That evening we set off to Juan Les Pins as we had tickets to see Tom Jones, how hilarious is that?!

We sat under the clear night sky, it was a balmy evening and Tom rocked the house. In the distance there were fireworks in Cannes for Bastille Day, there were old people swaying and eventually dancing (the average age of the audience was at least 73), cigarette lighters were lit, red knickers were thrown on the stage (really) and the bleachers were bouncing!

It was a fabulous evening, incredibly picturesque and so hilarious as I laughed more than I thought possible. I never thought I’d see Tom Jones play on the Cote d’Azur!

Living the dream!

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