Postcards from France… Day Seven

Friday and what better idea than driving to Portofino for lunch?

I’d never been to Italy and as we crossed through the border tunnel, my first impression was that it seemed a lot like Mexico. Much dirtier than lovely France, the sky was overcast for the first time and it didn’t bode well. 

We soldiered on valiantly. Finally as we passed Genoa and reached the coast road, the sky cleared and Italy in all its glory was revealed. Villas of gold and terra-cotta coloured stucco were built into the hillsides, bougainvillea draped over wrought iron gates and the cliffs dropped away into the azure sea below.


We meandered around the coast to a picturesque fishing village, Camogli where we stopped briefly before continuing on to Portofino.

Looking back to Camogli

The road cut into the rocky cliff and the first sight of Portofino was an incredible yacht anchored in the crystal clear emerald water.

Welcome to Portofino

We parked and found ourselves in the small cobbled square overlooking the harbour. Strolling away from the tourist traps we came across a busy restaurant (Emighey’s) where we sat drinking in the ambiance and people watching.

Lunch in Portofino

The most divine lunch of fresh pappardelle al pesto arrived, one of the most sublime meals of my life and the first bite had me swooning.

I have actually run out of superlatives as the day became yet another day of perfection, a highlight but as every day has been a highlight, how can I begin to capture its magic?

We headed back towards Valbonne with a plan for the evening, champagne perhaps and an early night!

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