Postcards from France… Last Day

Sunday arrived and as was fitting after the happiest week of my life, the weather finally broke.

We’d spent our last evening eating in a local restaurant where we sat next to an incredibly happy German family. We’d talked and laughed together and as Letad performed vanishing tricks for the delighted kids, I saw another side to him and fell even a little more in love if that could be possible. I wasn’t the only one as he captured the hearts of the family. How lucky I felt.

Sunday morning and heavy black clouds rolled in, thunder rumbled overhead and the rain poured down washing the dusty cobbled streets clean. It was the end of part one, the holiday fantasy and the beginning of phase two, reality.

Letad and I spent our final day together discussing the reality of our situation. We are incredibly happy and have decided that we want our future to be together, that being together is the most important thing and now, having spent a blissful week together, we feel we have a solid foundation to build a future.

There are logistics to consider but we’re both in it for the long haul and everything is surmountable.

We said yet another goodbye. Still laughing, still kissing, it’s only goodbye for a little while as we have a kitchen to build, loose ends to tie up, work to be done and life to be lived.

And in the meantime, fantastic memories of the best week of our lives.

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