The flame, the flame

6am and with sunlight streaming through the bedroom window (a novelty in itself) I quickly threw on some clothes and headed out into the early morning sunshine to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch!

Early morning, Chalk Farm
By 6:30 I was poised on the edge of the pavement, coffee in hand. Chaos ensued as no one seemed to know what was going on but the atmosphere was exciting and very patriotic. Union Jacks were waving, music was pumping (The Eye of the Tiger for some reason) and people were cheering.

Union Jacks everywhere

Finally there was a flicker of a flame through the crowd and the torch appeared. The crowd cheered madly, the torch passed by and it was all over. Suddenly thousands of people converged on to the road and headed home for breakfast. 

The Torch! 

It was a brilliant moment and one I’ll always remember. Hurray for London, I couldn’t have chosen a better year for my leap of faith!

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