The Opening Ceremony

After much anticipation, it was finally the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics! 

We started the evening with a picnic on top of Primrose Hill. I never tire of seeing the most spectacular view in London and yesterday was no exception. 

Hordes of fellow picnickers lay on blankets around us while we enjoyed a bottle of Prosecco, delicious food and my nephew and niece wrapped themselves up in blankets and rolled down the hillside giggling hysterically. 

A few drops of rain and we decided to head back home. I’d been worried as I didn’t have a tv (apparently it’s shocking that I’ve survived five months without one) but all was well as my friend the internet provided live streaming for the whole event. 

At 8:12pm (20:12) we saw a plume of red, white and blue crossing the sky and were treated to a spectacular fly over by the Red Arrows. They crossed the London skyline and turned to circle around us treating us to a 360 degree view. Silhouetted against the setting sun, it was incredibly exciting and we caught the Olympic spirit. We counted down, shouting and cheering and the ceremony began. 

Doesn’t do it justice
As opening ceremonies go, I really enjoyed the first couple of hours. A celebration of British history, children’s literature, music and style with a little irony thrown in for good measure; it truly captured the sense of the nation. 

And so to the teams. One forgets the Olympics involves hundreds of countries and as they streamed into the stadium for what seemed like hours, we had an intermission and several spectators fell asleep. I soldiered on valiantly on the balcony but may have dropped off from M to Z. 

Hours later, Great Britiain entered the stadium and we rallied. The kids were reluctant to wake up but after much prodding, we were finally poised and ready for the fireworks and we weren’t disappointed. 

Standing outside on the balcony we were treated to a live firework display, the stadium was an explosion of light and colour clearly visible and the explosions rumbled across the city. We went to bed exhausted but happy to have celebrated such a fantastic experience and proud to be part of London 2012!

Impossible to photograph fireworks!

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