Decision time

The decisions are made and the time has finally come to tell the people concerned. Today I’m giving notice at Agnes b (after making my final purchase) as it’s served its purpose and I feel I’ve served my time; and after twelve years, I’m giving notice on my Venice apartment.

The countdown is on. It’s four weeks to go until I head to LA to tie up the loose ends and move into the next phase. Yes, I’m moving into Phase Two Relocation. It could be a short phase as Phase Three isn’t far behind. I’m feeling quite stressed as there’s a lot going on but confident that every decision is the right one.

There’s a month of purgatory ahead as Letad and I won’t see each other after next weekend until we reunite in LA and so Austerity August could be a challenging month. I’m not looking forward to a month’s separation as the longest we’ve managed so far is twelve long days.

Still, there’s this week to look forward to as I’m heading back on Wednesday for four days and then with so much going on, hopefully Austerity August will be over quickly. 

Decisions, decisions!

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