Pack ‘n Purge Day One

Monday morning and we headed down to Venice to my old apartment. Walking in for the first time in six months, I was relieved to discover that I felt nothing. I had thought I might be flooded with emotion, memories of Pig and the past but no, the ambiance was gone and it didn’t feel like my place any more

The morning went perfectly. AAA roadside assistance showed up to break into the car only to discover (how was I to know as apparently all my friends who own Minis decided not to tell me) that the Mini door key is hidden inside the electronic starter key. Brilliant! As the AAA guy clearly hadn’t broken into a car before, we were able to unlock the door, release the bonnet (or hood), reconnect the battery and then we were back in business and I was back on the road. I will be laughed at for a while, I suspect, but I can handle it!

Off to put air in the tyres and drop off my watch for repair, a quick stop at Whole Foods and then lunch on the deck. After lunch a couple of other good friends arrived (hurray for friends!) and by 2pm after catching up, we started the purge. Between four of us we took apart my carefully packed boxes, divided everything into keep, sell and donate piles and by 6pm had managed to get through a lot of stuff.

I still have a lot to do in the next few days as I have to continue culling but it was a fantastic start and I couldn’t have even begun without the help of good friends as I think I would have been quite daunted. I’m seriously looking forward to being finished with a garage sale planned for Saturday.

Sorted. Literally.

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