Wide awake

After a very busy first day, I was exhausted and collapsed into bed at 10:30pm. Off to sleep without a problem only to be wide awake at 2am. Damn jet lag, this is definitely not what I had in mind.

Actually jet lag is only part of the issue as I’m running through the various things I need to finish by Friday and my mind won’t relax. My main concern is getting rid of furniture and as the person who said they wanted my bed has now said they can’t come and see it because of the traffic (that is so LA), I need to find another solution.

In addition, I’ve discovered my tenant wasn’t entirely honest and while I reduced the rent in order to pay for my housecleaner to come every two weeks, it turns out that the tenant had cancelled the cleaner. My mistake for being too trusting. The apartment was absolutely filthy and while I’m delighted to be getting out, it’s just wrong.

As it’s now 4:45am I’m obviously having a little rant. I suspect I’ll call it a night fairly soon and head on down the hill to start Pack ‘n Purge day two.

Let the fun continue!

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