Job done!

By 3pm it was mission accomplished!

Pack ‘n Purge was done and my old apartment was empty. It had been cleaned. I’d returned all the cable equipment and then, with Stella as my accomplice, we’d met up with Gary the Landlord in the carpark of Santa Monica bowling alley. It was like doing a drug deal (apparently).

We chatted for a while and then, hurray, he gave me a cheque for my deposit from twelve years ago. I handed over the keys and we hugged goodbye. He was a terrific landlord and friend and while there were ups and downs over the years, we got on well.

So that’s it. I’m officially homeless in Venice!

And so tonight I’m off to meet friends at the closing of Lilly’s, a French restaurant we’d gone to for many years. Lots of happy and hazy memories of birthdays, dinners, lunches and the occasional England versus France football match.

The end of an era in more ways than one.

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