Arrived… finally!

It was a bit of a debacle. The flight started to board and as my row was called I headed off down the jetway only to be told that anyone not on the plane should return to the waiting area. So we all turned around and filed back.

Not long after, we were allowed to try again and this time I made it on to the plane. Sitting down I realised one of the perils of the solo traveller; a large, rather smelly (and I’m being objective) man next to me who didn’t speak much English. Excellent.

We sat on the plane for an hour before the captain announced that due to a broken windscreen wiper, we would need to change planes. Excellent.

We all filed off, were issued with new boarding passes and trooped off to get a £5 refreshment voucher. I decided to eat dinner as there was no indication of when the flight would board.

As it turned out, by the time I’d eaten and spent £20 on a UK plug because I was worried my phone was going to die, we were called to board.

Back to the gate, on to the plane and back next to the smelly man. The problem with being a relatively small person is that I don’t take up much space. My neighbour seemed to think he could use my leg room and arm rest and so the battle began. I did eventually win but it took a while. Grrrr!

Five hours later than scheduled we landed and passing through immigration I was given the usual warm welcome. I was questioned about why I’d been out of the country for six months, where I’m a resident, how long I’d been a citizen and then given a cursory “welcome back”.

I trotted out quickly to where one of my best friends was waiting for me, hopped in the car and the reunion began.

Of course, with six months news to catch up on, we stayed up far too late laughing and chatting before finally heading to bed in the early hours.

And then, being me, I was up with the lark (or the sparrows) raring to go and ready to start Pack ‘n Purge day one…

En route to LA

I’m finally on my way and it feels good to get things moving. I’m out of the limbo of the last couple of weeks and in a matter of hours I will be catapulted back into LA. How surreal.

It was a particularly lovely London morning; warm and sunny with lots of ominous clouds which means it will probably chuck it down this afternoon.

I ate breakfast at the Early Bird cafe and then, with minimal luggage and a hat, I set off…

Out on the town

After lunch which I think went pretty well and a torrential, and I mean seriously torrential thunderstorm where I was forced to shelter in the Conran Shop (not through personal choice), it was time to spend an evening with friends.

I was feeling tired but I slipped on my ridiculously impractical Prada boots, new navy blue jacket (it was an investment!) and stumped off to Soho House for cocktails. A few friends from LA were in town and it was a good chance to meet up and have a gradual transition back into Venice life.

We had a drink or two and caught up on local news then headed to the Sanderson for a final round before getting the tube home. One of my friends is generously lending us her place as for the first time in twenty years, I’ll be a tourist in LA. We needed to talk about keys so that was quickly sorted and we moved on to other topics like new restaurants, vajazzling and dogs.

Of course I was awake outrageously early despite a late night and so hopefully I’ll be exhausted and will be able to sleep on the plane. I have my cashmere eye mask, gorgeous engagement ring and multiple passports so am basically all packed.

Getting ready to head back to LA… 

A surprise meeting…

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with my fiancé and future stepchildren. Surprise! In that sentence are words which I never thought I’d use and I don’t mean lunch!

The kids aren’t really kids at all, in fact they’re twelve and fifteen and so with excellent timing, my skin has decided to have a little teenage empathy and I’m seriously breaking out. Good first impression.

Right now I’m covered in TCP having given up on tea tree oil. One side of my face looks suspiciously bigger than the other, I have no idea why, and I smell horribly of antiseptic. I can only hope that in approximately fourteen hours, things are looking more normal otherwise I’m doomed.

On the plus side, my last day at Agnes b went very well and I left on a high note. I enjoyed a farewell drink with my French friend and future mega star, Victor who is set to take Japan by storm any day now. I’m welcome to shop at Agnes b anytime which is just as well considering I’ve contributed a great deal to the profits in the last five months. And all is good.

Now, off to bed in the hope that I don’t look like a teenager in the morning…

Last day in the trenches

It’s my last day at Agnes b today and I have to admit I’ll be glad when it’s over. It was great fun at the beginning and a good laugh but in recent weeks even a 50% discount on my favourite clothes hasn’t made it worthwhile!

I’ve been on a career break for the past few months allowing myself time to transition from one life to another and now, with an exciting new chapter on the horizon I’m so ready to tie up the loose ends and can’t wait for today to be over!

The past few days have been quite frustrating. After the best possible day of reprise imaginable, Austerity August has kicked back into top gear and with the allure of September on the horizon, has been so much harder.

Letad has been out of commission in Kent doing all sorts of fun things like horse riding, barbeques, beach days and going to the zoo. In contrast I’ve been joining roadside assistance in Los Angeles in order to break into my car on Monday!

I’d had the brilliant idea of disconnecting my battery when I left in February only to wake up in the middle of the night in April and realize that I have no way of opening the door as modern technology means that my car doesn’t actually have a key. Genius!

So that’s the first thing on my list, tentatively scheduled for 8am Monday morning as I need to hit the ground running.

But first things first, I shall aim to get through today with as much grace and dignity as possible and try not to tell anyone to sod off!

Fingers crossed!

Hypothetical no more!

Sunday morning and Letad texted to say he was on his way at 7:30am. Hurray! I was expecting him at 10am so an even better start to the day of reprise!

An hour and a half later, he arrived having stopped en route for a bacon roll… hmm!

All was well however and after two weeks of not seeing each other, it was a blissful reunion.

The day was warm and unsettled and a brief storm complete with thunder and lightning rolled in. Before long however, the sky cleared, it was sunny and hot and we headed off to Primrose Hill for a picnic.

I had an inkling of what was coming as Letad suggested champagne and so we spread out our blanket under the shade of a tree, a tree which is now ours forever and sat down. Letad gave me a little cardboard box and as I slid it open and took out a stunning eternity ring sparkling in the sunshine, he very simply asked me to marry him.

My answer immediately was… Yes, of course I will! We kissed ecstatically under our tree and celebrated our future together with champagne!

It wasn’t entirely a surprise though as on the day we met, we’d talked about getting married, we both knew immediately we had something special.

For the past month or so we’d been talking about the hypothetical wedding and I’d written my hypothetical guest list. I may have even seen a hypothetical dress but everything was always hypothetical.

Well, hypothetical no more, it’s official, we’re engaged to be married!

An eternity ring for eternity

What a perfect end to the first six months, the leap of faith, and the perfect beginning to the rest of our lives!

Balmy, balmy night

A rare London evening, it’s 8:30pm, it’s warm and sultry, the sun has just set and the dusk continues.

The London skyline sits in relief against a darkening sky. The Shard spears the sky whilst the rounded dome of St Paul’s is the perfect contrast.

It’s an idyllic evening to sit outside and relish the view and I’m doing just that. I’ll be sleeping with the French doors open tonight, light breezes wafting through before another scorcher of a day forecast tomorrow.

Summer in London. It’s amazing when it actually stops raining!