Immersed in French…

I decided it would be a good idea to do a French course and so enrolled for a week of immersion in a school in Antibes. What was I thinking?

The morning started slowly, I understood most of the orientation (I’m ok as long as I don’t have to say anything) and then we were taken on a bus tour of Antibes as an introduction to the school. So far so good.
View around the bay, Antibes

Lunch break and I was hijacked by the mature age German students and invited to lunch as apparently my German ancestry gave me away. The conversation was in French so my participation was limited but I smiled and nodded a lot so am convinced they just thought I was exceptionally quiet.

We sat outside at a small restaurant and suddenly the biggest storm imaginable struck overhead. Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled and torrential rain poured down and yet we soldiered on under the outdoor umbrella, our plates starting to fill with rain. 
Pouring down

One of my fellow diners finally opened her umbrella and ate under that while I sat with my feet out of the flooded terrace as much as possible. I would have said, “only the English” as all sensible French people were eating inside but as I was with Germans, I can only suspect they’re even madder than us.

Soldiering on through the rain

After an hour of torrential rain, the storm moved over and we were able to walk back up the hill to the school where we had to take a test to determine our level. 

My worst nightmare and I’ll find out what level class I’m in tomorrow. I’m hopeful I made it into Elementary rather than Beginner. 
Soldiering on.

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