Sunday in Cannes

Sunday and we decided to head to the market in Cannes. I hadn’t been back to Cannes since my first weekend with Letad when we spent the day recovering from an evening of excess so, in fact I hadn’t seen much of Cannes at all!

We set off encountering a bouchon (traffic jam) and so a minor detour took us through Rocheville until we finally arrived in Cannes. 

Parking the car I carefully photographed the space number to avoid a repeat debacle of losing the car. After our recent parking disaster in Monaco which resulted in walking up and down every level in a multi storey car park in baking heat for at least half an hour, I will always take a photograph of the space number. 

Mission accomplished and we set off around the market buying luscious fresh figs, avocados, artichokes and two kinds of salt. 

Varieties of mushrooms at the market, Cannes

Le marché
Very photogenic tomatoes

From the market we wandered around a small antique market where an antique glass soda water syphon caught my eye but at 70 euros was too expensive to be taken seriously. Pity though, it was gorgeous turquoise glass, one of my passions.

At Letad’s suggestion, we decided to catch a ferry to the nearby island of Saint Honorat. Les Illes de Lérins are made up of four islands, two of which are uninhabited. St Honorat is home to a fifteenth century monastery and is a tranquil place of solitude and retreat.

St Marguerite, the other inhabited island, was the home of the man in the iron mask and his cell can be visited there apparently.

The (t)rusty vessel
Past the lighthouse

We boarded the ferry and were treated to views of classic yachts in Cannes for the classic yacht regatta as well as a water view of the Cote d’Azur.

Yacht under full sail

Classic yachts in Cannes

Half an hour later we arrived on the island and spent a pleasant couple of hours exploring the monastery before sitting on rocks to enjoy the incredibly juicy fresh figs.

The best swimming spot on the island, full of old people

Sitting on rocks eating figs
The Monastery
Entering the quiet zone

The last remaining public phone box…
Catching the ferry back to Cannes, we found the car immediately (hurray) and set off to Antibes to find my French school for this week’s adventure, Immersion French.

With that mystery solved, suddenly exhausted from the sea air and the excitement of Ikea the day before, we returned to Valbonne. 

Hard to believe it’s only a week since we were in London.

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