Tastes of Italy

Saturday morning and after a week of immersion French we decided to go to Italy to buy some food. A great way to practice the improved language skills!
San Remo
It had been a busy week. As well as learning French and buying a kitchen, the roof had leaked during torrential rain, the brand new mattress had been soaked and there had been a few challenges along the way. A day off sounded appealing. 
Wandering around the streets

We set off and an hour and a half later, arrived in San Remo. We eventually found parking after dealing with the chaotic Italian drivers and so wandered around the market. 

Away from the traffic
We spoke a strange hybrid of French, Spanish, Italian and English but it all seemed to work and we shopped with remarkable success. 

Market, San Remo

The mediterranean flavours surrounded us. Extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes marinated with oil and garlic, basil, pesto, fresh mozzarella, sharp Parmesan. We tasted and bought the local food enjoying the ambience.


After the market we stopped for lunch enjoying fresh pasta and people watching as the afternoon sky darkened and rain suddenly poured down again. 
The darkening sky…
We headed back to France, stopping on the way to buy flour as I’d had a strange compulsion to make fresh pasta. Surely it couldn’t be that hard!
Farine de blé… flour of wheat
Arriving home we were pleased to discover the roof had held and so the mattress was dry, hurray! 

We unpacked our goods and Letad made a delicious tricolour salad with basil, tomato and incredible fresh mozzarella. A little pesto and olive oil drizzled over the top, a crunch of salt and a crack of black pepper and the sublime flavours were released.
Letad’s Sublime Tricolour Salad
In the meantime I had made the dough for the pasta. I ignored the six egg Jamie Oliver recipe as it sounded far too eggy and so found another recipe I liked the sound of. Two eggs, both with double yolks as luck would have it, a cup of flour, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. 
Making the dough
I added the egg gradually to the flour having made a well in the middle and gently folded it all together with a fork. I added the salt and oil and then pressed the loose dough together to form a ball. Then the kneading began. I gave it a good knead for at least ten minutes, I put a bit of muscle into it until the dough was smooth but fairly stiff, then the dough rested for half an hour.


Cutting it in half, I floured the table and began rolling out the pasta dough with a rolling pin, a purist, no pasta machine for me! 

Roll it, roll it, roll it…

Turning and rolling, the dough became thinner and thinner until it was about a millimeter thick and I cut it into wide ribbons.

Pappardelle? Home style

I gave each ribbon another quick roll just in case and then the experimental pasta was dropped into boiling salted water to cook. 

After cooking…

After several tastings it was deemed ready. Perfectly al dente, it was drained and tossed with pesto and olive oil, shavings of fresh Parmesan and black pepper. And the taste…

The end result… delicious

Well, at the risk of sounding immodest, it was delicious and compared with the meal of perfection in Portofino, a pretty good comparison! 

Definitely to be repeated. Yum.

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