Eggs Royale

Saturday and I headed over to Notting Hill to meet up with a friend for my favourite meal, brunch. It had been a while since we’d seen each other and we had a lot to talk about so we set off down Portobello Road, elbowing tourists out of the way until we came to First Floor, an extremely cool restaurant overlooking the melee below.

The interior of the restaurant has an old world elegance, high ceilings, sash windows and a relaxed ambiance which made it easy to while away a few hours chatting and catching up.

Inside the casual dining room

As anyone knows who has been reading this since the beginning, I have an obsession with brunch and eggs in particular. I’ve recently discovered the perfect alternative to Eggs Benedict… Eggs Royale. Smoked salmon topped with soft poached eggs and drizzled, no dolloped, with a smooth, light Hollandaise sauce. Ahh bliss.

Elegant private dining available

I enjoyed every velvety mouthful and while bravely resisting the temptation to indulge in a glass of something lovely as I’ve given up booze for my version of Lent (not being religious and it being October as I’ve overdone it in recent weeks) brunch was absolutely delicious and I would definitely go back for seconds.

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