On the wagon… again

Having been a fan of Whole Foods Venice since its inception in 2008 and having spent probably thousands of dollars there buying goji berries and maca powder, I decided it was time to venture further than Morrisons and get myself back on to a healthy diet.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in France devouring freshly baked bread from the boulangerie downstairs, incredible cheese and wine. I could live quite happily on those three items alone but sadly my body and in particular, my waistline didn’t agree. Boo!

Spending a couple of weeks in London, I decided to get clean. I’m a coffee lover so sadly that had to go, no booze (it’s been eight days so far) and so to top it off, I thought I’d head to Whole Foods in Camden to stock up on a few essentials like pumpkin seeds, millet and the inevitable goji berries. It was a gorgeous sunny morning so off I trotted, eco friendly canvas bag in hand. Hello California!

Camden Lock

I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive fan of Camden. It’s very touristy, dirty and full of crap shops and I can’t see the appeal. I thought if I set off early, London being usually quite sleepy on a Sunday morning, I’d beat the tourists. Apparently not.

The early birds

As usual the pavements were crowded and I dodged and weaved my way down the road and up Fairway to Whole Foods. I was pleased (for once) not to be driving as memories of the parking lot at Whole Foods Venice came to mind.

I did my shopping, hello quinoa, and reminisced about how I’d usually run into someone I knew in Venice (Rob) and strolled back home to start a stint of healthy living.

Hmm, a coffee would be nice…

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