Having packed up my home in California and having lived in an almost empty flat (with a pink sofa) for the past eight months, I’m starting to feel like nesting. 

very pink…

The weather’s getting colder, the leaves are changing colours and starting to carpet the ground, there are conkers littering the pavements as kids are too busy these days playing with their Nintendo DS to play conkers any more and I’m feeling quite cosy.

The heating has been turned back on in my building as it goes off during the summer so I’ve been sitting with the radiator on while it rains softly outside. I’m starting to think it would be nice to have my belongings with me and even possibly some furniture.

With that in mind, I decided to go to a furniture auction in Islington to see if anything caught my eye. 

I wandered over on a wet, grey afternoon, the perfect afternoon for it, and perused the lots only to realize that I’m too specific for my own good. I am very particular about what I like and will only buy something if I absolutely love it. All well and good except that I don’t see much I like.

Had I been in the market for Victorian furniture there were some excellent bargains but I suspect my taste is more contemporary these days as I’ve done my mid century modern phase. 

Having said that, I was tempted by the moth-eaten taxidermied squirrels in a box and the creepy Victorian dolls.

Tempted by the squirrels…
Under scrutiny

 If I had the room, there was an enormous Victorian mahogany table which was an absolute bargain for £100 but there’s no way it would fit in my little flat let alone in the world’s smallest lift and I don’t think Letad would be very pleased to get it into the house above the boulangerie so I sighed and came home, an empty flat still but warm and cosy.

The enormous table

Hello Autumn!

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