Riviera Living

The weekend came around and I headed back to the South of France for a lovely long weekend with Letad. It had been ten days, we’d had a lot going on, I’d been interviewing for jobs and Letad had been scrubbing the kitchen floor in preparation for the installation of the new Ikea kitchen we’d bought. Exciting times!

I headed back on the now familiar journey to Nice and was greeted at the airport by my favourite person.

We’d decided to spend the day in Saint Tropez as I’d never been and so on Saturday morning we’d set off. It was market day in St Tropez and the square was filled with stalls selling everything from juicy ripe figs to vintage Hermes handbags. It was definitely the market of choice and stripes were the order of the day.

Ladies in stripes, St Tropez

Resisting the temptation to buy a vintage Hermes handbag (one of my passions) we went instead for a coffee and in true Parisian style, I elbowed past an orange-tanned St Tropezian lady with her little lap dog in order to get a highly sought-after table. Let’s just say she wasn’t happy and when Letad tried to move to a better table and pushed past her again, she very firmly said, “Oh non, not again!” Oops!

After coffee we wandered around the market and sampled the local delicacy, La Tropézienne. A light creme patisserie filling in a delicate brioche bun, it melted on the tongue and would be a disaster if one decided to eat it regularly. Luckily there’s a little self discipline involved occasionally, but not much.
La Tropézienne
Mmm, the array of deliciousness
Returning home from Saint Tropez we created a delicious improvised dinner of bruschetta with ripe figs, soft goat cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic all piled on a crunchy slice of toasted baguette. Not bad for not having a kitchen and our only equipment was an imitation Breville sandwich maker. Voila!

The improvised dinner
On Sunday we headed to Nice for a delicious brunch and a drive from Nice to Monaco along the coastal route. 
Remembering our parking spot, Nice
We passed through Villefranche Sur Mer, remembering our first weekend together and ended up discovering a secret beach in Cap Ferrat. We sat basking in the warm autumn sun before the sky turned grey and a huge thunder storm rolled in forcing us to beat a retreat to Valbonne where we went in search of comfort food for dinner, not having a kitchen. 
The secret beach in Cap Ferrat

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