The Imitation-Breville Challenge… Part One

As the kitchen is still an empty shell albeit a freshly painted empty shell, the cooking challenge continues and last night’s dinner is currently leading the competition, if I say so myself.

I should point out that the Breville sandwich maker is actually not a Breville at all, just a cheap imitation bought at a Carrefour superstore for 19 euros. It broke immediately so the handle doesn’t close and needs to be held shut with one hand therefore upping the challenge considerably.

As we only have one working plug near the table the imitation Breville perched precariously on top of the rubbish bin.

A work in progress

I am nothing if not competitive so the last night’s entry for the Imitation-Breville challenge consisted of crispy garlic croutons topped with caramelised garlic, roasted red pepper with chili and spring onions, prosciuttowrapped green beans topped with crumbled feta, a drizzle of olive oil and cracked black pepper.

Last night’s submission 

The vote was unanimous and so the challenge is on. There might even be a lovely Cuisinart grill as a prize for the winner so it’s salmon tonight…

I wonder who the winner will be?

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