The Imitation-Breville Challenge… Part Three

Viva Mexico!

And so the competition continued with Letad rising to the challenge with Mexican night. That’s right, Fajitas in France, a bold move indeed. All went well however there was a minor issue with sub standard ingredients. Let’s just say that tortillas in France aren’t quite the same as tortillas in Mexico!

Letad’s Fajita Night

Still, the Imitation-Breville soldiered on valiantly and a delicious plate of vegetables with an excellent guacamole combining lime, cilantro or coriander depending on where one is from, chili and avocado brought a taste of Mexico to the little house above the Boulangerie.

Flavours of Mexico in France

The Imitation-Breville is now looking a little worse for wear and sadly might have to retire from the competition as I’m starting to worry about levels of bacteria and certain death. We’ve definitely squeezed 19 euros out of it and it’s been an inspirational week of cooking.

As the kitchen isn’t likely to be operational this week, it looks like it might be time to break down and buy the Cusinart grill anyway. Hurray!

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