A Weekend in Italy… Part Five

Shopping in Venice and one of my goals accomplished. I’ve always fancied a pair of red gloves and so, spotting a glove shop, I was in glove heaven. Gloves of every colour imaginable. Cashmere-lined, Italian leather, so soft, so supple, the choice so hard…

Window display
The final choice

I finally settled on a dark red leather. Slipping them on, dare I say, they fitted like a glove. 

And so we were off on a wander through the streets of Venice. We saw lovely secret canals and gondoliers hard at work, wound our way through tiny streets following hand drawn signs…

Secret canals


We saw shops selling all sorts of exciting wares including a very desirable dogs versus cats chess set…

Go Dogs! 

And finally, Letad saw the perfect hair style… the soccer mullet but luckily resisted the temptation. 


Loving Venice!

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