A Weekend in Italy.. Part Four. A pain in the glass

We had spent three hours sampling Tra’Contemporary cuisine at the Hotel Metropole and decided we would go to a glass blowing demonstration and so, whisked off in a water taxi, the cold afternoon air whipping our hair back, we set off to the island of Murano to the Bisanzio Gallery.

Leaving the Hotel Metropole
Heading to Murano

I’ve been passionate about glass for a long time and am familiar with the glass of Murano. I’ve owned the obligatory Murano paperweight for years and have even toyed with the idea of learning to blow glass.

Arriving at the factory we were greeting by Luigi (of course) who welcomed us effusively and ushered us into the demonstration area. It was warm, the wine from lunch was coursing through our veins and the glass blowing was mesmerizing.

The glass blowing demonstration
The little glass horse

After the glass master produced a vase and a little glass horse which took our breath away, we were taken on a tour of the factory. 

From chandeliers to hand blown vases and glassware, it was stunning, the lights sparkled and the pretty glass lulled me into a false sense of security. Pretty, sparkly things.

Suddenly Luigi put on the hard sell. I had a strange rush of adrenaline, almost bought a chandelier and had to have an intervention by Letad. I was within seconds of whipping out a credit card and spending thousands but luckily Letad stepped in and saved me from a disastrous mistake. 

We made it to the front door and escaped into a water taxi, zooming back through the mist to San Marco where we made it to the Hotel Monaco to have a much-needed sit down and a glass of Prosecco to recover from the ordeal.
A lucky escape
Disaster averted!

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