Autumn Days

After spending most of the last six weeks in France, it was time to head back to London. Bills had to be paid and I was curious to see if Mousey Mousey had set up housey housey. Luckily he had not and apart from a few dead flies, all was how I’d left it.

Autumn in Regent’s Park

Arriving home late, tired and cold I was struck by the barren flat waiting for me. After starting to create a cosy nest in France having spent time brocanting (as we now refer to the pastime of antique hunting) the little flat in Chalk Farm felt empty and neglected. And so I decided to finally ship my belongings over from the US.

After nine months with nothing, or rather, a pink sofa, two pans and five Gerry Bendylegs (not a bad thing), I’m ready to make life in London a little more comfortable.

I’ve been waiting and waiting. In limbo for months and with job offers dangling tantalizingly, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I emailed the shipping company to ask them to ship my stuff.

They can’t make any promises but there’s a slight chance I may have furniture before Christmas. 

How nice would that be?!

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