Cousins Reunited Again

Saturday afternoon and we set off to Bedford. 

It was pouring with rain and arriving at my cousin’s thatched cottage in Bedford, we warmed up in front of an open fire and a welcome glass of red wine. 

Letad was a hit with the kids as he played hangman and talked to the smalls for a long time. 

The family ties were in force and we had a gathering of first, second and once removed cousins, whatever that actually means. 

First and second cousins

Eighteen of us gathered around the table and shared a delicious meal, Donald’s special chill beef was quite a hit followed by a trio of fabulous homemade puddings including a cheesecake, crumble and chocolate roulade.

bad photography, good cousins

We talked, laughed and reminisced. Established new bonds and strengthened old.

Newly weds

Hours later than we’d intended, Letad and I set off back to London, the rain was pouring heavily and we were cold, tired and happy.

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