First Frost

Waking this morning, a sparkling white blanket covered the roof tops and the first frost had fallen. It’s my first full European winter in a very long time and it’s a far cry from a Californian winter where winter coats and flip flops are de rigueur.

Frost on the roof

After my bath, because frankly the shower is a pathetic dribble and one emerges colder than one enters, I dressed in wool. Wool tights (a cashmere blend of course) and a wool dress. I suspect I’ll be wearing a lot of wool in the next few months.

Across the roof

I’m looking forward to winter and hope it might even be a white Christmas. I’d love to wake up on Christmas morning to find the roof tops covered in a thick white blanket of magical snow with reindeer tracks!

Good news though, it’s warm and toasty in the little flat in Chalk Farm and I haven’t had to sleep in a hat… yet.

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