The Nightmare Before Christmas

Saturday morning and with Christmas just around the corner, Letad and I set off into central London to go Christmas shopping. Big mistake!

At first we wandered around like deer in headlights. It was overwhelming. Then we focused, headed to Regents Street and hit Hamley’s, one of the biggest toy shops in the world. 

It was an absolute nightmare. Packed full of pre Christmas shoppers and lots of small excited children, we ended up in the Lego shop on the fifth floor. 

It was very hot, the ceilings were low, the decisions so hard. Which box? Roads, jumbo bucket, vehicles, railway tracks. Endless options and prices. After a very near meltdown and sweating profusely the decisions were made and we staggered down five flights of stairs, bags in hand and fell into the thronging crowds outside. 

Several shops later we had a sit down and a restoring hot chocolate while we gathered our breath and then set off for Selfridges. We dashed across Oxford Street and elbowed our way through hundreds of people all frantically shoving their way closer to Christmas.  

Mayhem and chaos. We made the mistake of going to the Selfridges food hall where we shuffled like cattle on their reluctant way to slaughter. 

Eventually we emerged on to the street beyond where we declared Christmas shopping was done and we deserved a glass of something bubbly and fun to recover from the ordeal.

Luckily Christmas shopping comes just once a year.

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