What’s next, scrapbooking?

10:30am, Saturday morning and I was down in the Chalk Farm craft shop looking at hearts made of bark, twine, paper, favour boxes (as if) and all sorts of invitation paraphernalia.

While I think I’m fairly creative, I’m not very crafty. I have a healthy fear of scrapbookers (a massive hobby in the States) and to be honest, Letad wins hands down when it comes to hand made cards, I just can’t compete. 

It’s quite odd really, considering I’m a designer!

So I perused the shop for a while, chose some ribbon I liked, a couple of hearts, a variety of paper and some cardboard tags and off I went.

A random collection of bits and pieces
After a bit of experimenting I had a bark heart threaded on to a dusty pink organza ribbon, tied around a piece of watercolor paper. The envelope is a different colour but I like the combination. 

The tags will be for place cards tied around lavender bags and perhaps I’ll add a sprig of lavender? Now who’s getting crafty?

And after a bit of time spent in Illustrator (now I’m feeling more comfortable) I’ve designed a few options for the card to discuss with Letad, the card maker.
A nice rustic feel

What’s next, scrapbooking?

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