I had planned to go to France this weekend until everything seemed to get very stressful. Between deadlines, meetings and snow, it seemed everything was aligning to say that this wasn’t the weekend to go.

After a sleepless night worrying about how to resolve the situation and finally, reluctantly admitting that I couldn’t do it, it was too much stress, the risk of getting snowbound in France was too high and as much as I wanted to see Letad, for once, I had to be sensible.

And so I changed my flight, and it started snowing, and travel chaos ensued,

And then I got a text from EasyJet saying my flight had been cancelled. The irony. It would seem it definitely wasn’t the weekend to go to France. 

And because I’d already changed the flight, I don’t get a refund.

Snowbound in London.


I’m working very hard now and the hours are long. I’m first in and last out and it’s starting to take its toll. In order to maintain optimal health while exposed to germs on the tube, I’ve recently started taking fresh royal jelly. 

Royal jelly is the substance fed to bee larvae to create the super bee, the queen. 

I’m definitely a fan of royal jelly although it tastes a bit odd, has a strange mucous-like consistency and I keep thinking of it as bee snot. It’s astronomically expensive but is taken in small amounts so hopefully the tiny 20 gram jar will last me about a month.

Combined with a large green juice every morning, I’m hoping to become bionic, or as I now call it, beeonic. 

There’s a Roald Dahl short story called Royal Jelly… if I start getting yellow and fuzzy, I’ll definitely have to stop.


It’s a tricky one, people are inevitably going to be offended.

Letad and I are trying to keep things small and we have a budget which will help us do that. At the moment we’re sending Save the Date emails to our list in order to get an idea of how many people can come as there’s distance involved for almost everyone. A refusal means we can invite someone else.

It’s a delicate balance of etiquette and wedding politics!

There’s Snow Business

Looks like I updated the header illustration just in time as this morning I woke up to snow!

Hurray for having the heating included in my rent as the radiators are staying on. Actually I didn’t find it that cold once I was dressed in a puffer coat, wool dress, wool tights, knee high boots, cashmere hat, gloves and a wool scarf, not necessarily in that order!

I feel like I’ve acclimatized pretty well or perhaps my northern blood still remembers Yorkshire winters.
Early morning rooftop view
Looking east
Roof top bench 

Of course if it freezes tonight it will be mayhem tomorrow, I might go into work early as this morning I waited impatiently as five packed tubes went past at Chalk Farm. Luckily I haven’t had tube rage yet.

Oh, and apparently it’s a bit chilly in California!

What’s next, scrapbooking?

10:30am, Saturday morning and I was down in the Chalk Farm craft shop looking at hearts made of bark, twine, paper, favour boxes (as if) and all sorts of invitation paraphernalia.

While I think I’m fairly creative, I’m not very crafty. I have a healthy fear of scrapbookers (a massive hobby in the States) and to be honest, Letad wins hands down when it comes to hand made cards, I just can’t compete. 

It’s quite odd really, considering I’m a designer!

So I perused the shop for a while, chose some ribbon I liked, a couple of hearts, a variety of paper and some cardboard tags and off I went.

A random collection of bits and pieces
After a bit of experimenting I had a bark heart threaded on to a dusty pink organza ribbon, tied around a piece of watercolor paper. The envelope is a different colour but I like the combination. 

The tags will be for place cards tied around lavender bags and perhaps I’ll add a sprig of lavender? Now who’s getting crafty?

And after a bit of time spent in Illustrator (now I’m feeling more comfortable) I’ve designed a few options for the card to discuss with Letad, the card maker.
A nice rustic feel

What’s next, scrapbooking?

The Wedding Blog

I’m now immersed in the world of invitations, dresses, flowers, cake, guest lists and seating plans (really?)

Of course we’d love everything to be a surprise but I like the idea of sharing so I’m going to post some of the images I like, just to whet the appetite. 

All things lavender…

A rustic wedding 
That’s the flowers sorted… 
Ignore the dress
Hang on a minute, who are Tracey and Chris?

It’s going to be a very wedding weekend.
More to come I’m sure!

Snow perhaps?

Apparently it might snow this weekend. 
My plans? To design an wedding invitation.

This may sound like a graphic designer’s dream job but actually it’s quite stressful. It’s so personal, what if I hate what I do? What if I’m the client from hell and worse than that, I’m my own client! 

Can you fire yourself if it all goes horribly wrong?