The Dress Dilemma

I have very classic taste. I love clean lines, simplicity and elegance. Buying a wedding dress seemed like a simple prospect. I’d seen pictures, researched designers and made appointments.

I was going for a simple silhouette; a straight column, elegant neckline, no frills, no lace, just a simple, satin, traditional, elegant dress. Which makes it all the more confusing that I’ve ended up ordering something almost completely opposite from where I started. I’m still in shock!

I had an appointment yesterday morning and had narrowed it down to two dresses. The designer, Jesus Piero, a Spanish designer, suited me perfectly and I was enjoying saying that I’d found Jesus.

The dresses were gorgeous but I was torn. Which one? What to do?

With deadlines looming, I had to make a decision. Something was holding me back. Did I really want a stiff satin dress or was a softer fabric more appealing for a summer wedding in the balmy south of France?

By luck my sister was in London for the weekend staying with friends. She was on a hop on-hop off bus with two friends and five children, so she hopped off, left them to it and came to meet me in Islington.

An hour later I was in lace and sequins! It would appear I have a secret side which likes shiny things.

It was the Christmas nightie all over again. I’d asked Letad for a new silk slip for Christmas, ivory satin, no lace, nothing. He bought exactly what I asked for, and I didn’t like it. And so on Boxing Day we exchanged it… for a charcoal grey silk nightie trimmed with black lace. I’m a nightmare to buy presents for!

And despite my best efforts, it would appear that I’m not really a traditional wedding dress girl and so with my sister and the shop assistant’s help, I tried on something I would never have gone for… and it worked.

It was a softer look, sexier but still elegant. A dress which glimmered and sparkled in the evening light and which, while not a traditional wedding dress, still had the silhouette I was looking for.

I decided to go for it and plonked down the deposit. My measurements were taken and before I had time to think, my sister and I were sitting in the pub next door having a much deserved drink.

I think I’ve made the right decision. Time will tell but in the meantime I’ve seen the most fabulous pair of sparkly shoes… it would seem that I’m embracing my inner bling.

Wedding dress. Done.

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