Change is good

Last Thursday and after what had seemed like a fairly manic week, but what now appears to be normal, I went out for farewell drinks. A couple of people were leaving and while I was happy for them, it meant that my workload increased, hard to believe but actually it’s true.

I’m starting to get a slightly manic look in my eye. My eyes are red, bloodshot and I keep forgetting to blink. Most days I seem to forget to go to the loo (too busy) and keep sitting in meeting after meeting thinking “really must remember to go…” Time to practice deep breathing.

Another trip to New York is on the horizon and deadlines are coming and going, projects are being started and finished. I currently have projects for the next few months starting up and am busy setting schedules, doing budgets and have become quite good at Excel spreadsheets. Lucky me!

Despite all that, I’m coping and even feel that after three months, I’m doing well.

In a few weeks the office is moving to Camden. My daily commute will be a ten minute walk and while that sounds nice, I’m actually sorry to be leaving the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. 

While there are far too many people and pedestrian rage takes over while I’m trying to fight my way to the tube in the evening, I enjoy my walk through Regent’s Park every morning (the company shuttle bus having been discontinued), there are excellent lunch options and a place where I go every morning to buy a green juice and where I can now say “the usual.”

And so after Easter I’ll be coming back from France to a new work space, a new commute and new lunch options.

Change is good.

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