A Spring in my Step

Thursday morning and despite the bathroom blockage I was in a chipper mood. 

The bathroom scales appeared to be feeling a little better so that was good news. 

Darren the plumber showed up at 8am and started unblocking the blockage and I power walked off to work, Foolband on wrist. 

I recognized the song of the robin this morning. Crocus and daffodils glistened in the morning sun, dew dripping from their fragile petals as the morning frost gradually melted. 

With the sun in my eyes I rediscovered my sense of optimism. 

A busy and very productive day… and a surprise. Flowers from Letad for no reason other than it being Thursday! 

Amazingly bright with hot pink Gerber daisies, yellow narcissi and purple freesias, they looked like techni-coloured spring and before long their pungent smell filled my nostrils. A lovely thought!

Then it was out for lunch with the senior girls. It sounds like we’re all about ninety but as my office is predominantly female, seven women went out for lunch to say farewell to a pregnant colleague. One thing about a female crew is that there’s a revolving door of maternity leave and they’re dropping like flies.

After lunch I multi-tasked madly and by 6:30pm was able to join the crew at a local pub for another round of farewell drinks. I didn’t stay long as I wanted to avoid the calories and come home to see the results of the plumber…

And good news all round it appears. I turned on the bathroom sink and joy of joys, the water didn’t come up in the bath! 

Does life get any better?

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